Why is Landscaping Design Important?

Landscaping is more than just making your yard or lawn wonderful and aesthetically good-looking. As a matter of fact, a well-maintained lawn can make your bare yard beautiful. A landscape design is about turning your ordinary yard or lawn into a much beautiful retreat while reducing the effect of human activities to the environment and plants in your lawn. While incorporating potted plants greatly help enhance the appearance of your lawn, the true essence of a landscape design depends on the aesthetic enhancements. 

The following are some of the few importance brought about by landscape design: 

1. Prevents Soil Erosion on Your Commercial or Residential Property 

Soil erosion is actually a risk for every lawn or yard. As rain and wind move across your commercial or residential property, the soil may shift away from the garden beds and plants. In steep locations, rocks can be dislodged, posing risks to the safety of your family as well as the people living in your property. A great landscape design plan will basically work in order to prevent soil erosion, especially in steep places, using retaining walls. These retaining walls may be both functional and attractive as well, keeping the soil in place, while giving a good framework for sculptures and plants. 

2. Breaks Up Big Spaces into Alluring Nooks 

If you have a big commercial and residential property it can be very hard to make private places where other homeowners can’t notice through. Landscape design makes everything possible to turn even a huge yard into secluded, yet captivating places. 

The right landscape design can make an outdoor living room covered by shrubs or trees to block out noises that come outside of your property and promote the experience of being out in natural setting. In addition to that, the landscape design will take high regards on how you plan to utilize the area and make the perfect backdrop and environment for your requirements and desires. The choices are just limited by your imagination. 

3. Reduces Air Pollutants 

A landscape design allows you to embrace the nature in a predictable and manicured manner however, the plants have other advantages. Adding large amounts of foliage can also improve the quality of air around your property. Plants absorb hazardous chemicals and pollutants, purifying the air without using any machinery or electricity. Furthermore, a landscape design can also be as feature-rich as you want, nonetheless, the greater number of plants you have in your property. The more pollutants will be absorbed, thus, the cleaner air you will breathe. 

4. Prevents Flooding 

Without a good landscaping design plan, your yard can become a mud pit when rains come during the months of fall and spring. If flooding occurs in your yard, it can cause damage to your existing landscape design and all of the plants in your yard while making the area unusable. The appropriate landscape design will direct the rain water and runoff to the designated drainage location while diverting water away from the plants to create a distinct look. To know more benefits about landscaping and Redding Lawn Care, contact a professional today. 


Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Ordinary Lawn with Landscaping

Replace your ordinary lawn with the one that is beautiful, easy to grow and most importantly, durable. A lot of lawn alternative plants are usually creeping perennial groundcovers which transform the lawn into a very attractive tapestry of texture and color. On the other hand, others are grass-like plants or native-grasses such as sedges which function as a lawn as well, while needing far lesser care and maintenance. Or maybe you are interested in clover as your lawn supplement, if not an alternative 

In our environmentally aware world today, lawns are not recognized as green-friendly guys. For example, the lawn boozes water at a rate which a lot of drought-stricken people simply can’t sustain. As a matter of fact, in some places, changing turf with the alternative plantings qualifies people for a waiver on storm water runoff fees which are tacked onto their monthly municipal bills. 

You may consider changing portions of your lawn like narrow strips, oddly-shaped areas or slopes, since they are a challenge to mow. In addition to that, replacing a lawn alternative for a turf in any of the mentioned circumstances instantly saves you money as well as time. Changing only 25% of lawn portion with groundcover plants garners an energy and time savings of 50% just in mowing. Planting your mowing-challenged portions with an alternative turf also gives a good method to experiment with the groundcovers in a little way prior to committing to the total makeover of your lawn. 

Choosing an Alternative in Your Lawn 

When choosing a lawn alternative, you should first consider your regional climate. Stick with plants which can survive in the usual weather conditions your place experiences. Also, you should take time to perform a soil test in order to make sure that you match the appropriate kind of plant with the soil which favor its growth and development. Furthermore, you should note the conditions your certain site offers: natural moisture levels and shade vs. Sun. For example, a slope basically tends to be much drier compared to the base of that slope, as well as the lawn area plumbed for auto-irrigation also has ready moisture supplies. 

Native plants offer benefits over non-natives. They are adapted to your place and they will actually be able to resist or withstand attacks by diseases and pests. Do your assignment if you choose the non-native alternative. Always make sure that it is not rated as intrusive in your area, you do not also want to add the plant to your Redding Landscaping which will only overrun the turf portions you want to have. 

Terms such as rapid, aggressive or vigorous rate of growth describe a benefit to your lawn alternative. It simply means that the plant will just fill in fast and limit the time as well which the surrounding soil is open to weeds and bare. Alternatives such as mat-forming lawn grow thick enough in order to keep the weeds from obtaining a foothold. Contact a professional today for more information about proper lawn care and maintenance. 


Benefits of Landscaping

There are a lot of advantages to having a landscape in your yard. As a matter of fact, landscaping makes dull portions pleasing. It is very possible to make ordinary houses into spectacular ones as well as buildings into warm and livable spaces. 

Wonderful landscaping improves your home’s property value. Experts suggests that you should invest 10% of the value of your home in landscaping. The investment in the appearance of your property can improve to 20% of your home’s value. Landscaping is actually the area of your property that you don’t want to be taken for granted. 

The first decision you need to take is whether you desire to do this task all by yourself or better hire professional and experienced landscaping service providers. The following are some of the things you need to consider prior to making such decisions: 

1. The size of the job. Bigger jobs can be very complicated in both the installation and staging of materials. 

2. Your experience with landscaping. 

3. Your understanding and knowledge of technical landscaping aspects including proper grading in order to avoid drainage problems. 

4. Your knowledge of how the plants work hand in hand in the landscape. With the use of the seasonal color, size, form and texture in complementary and contrasting fashions makes harmony and balance. 

5. The amount of energy and time you have to commit to your project. 

6. How your lifestyle can affect your landscaping options such as the time you have for maintenance, areas for your kids to play and outdoor living space requirements. 

If you are a type of person that loves DIY, research the plants that are perfectly suited for you beforehand. A lot of websites, articles and books related to landscaping which can definitely help you do the project yourself. You just have to make sure to note plant suggestions because not all plants you initially want will be suitable or available for your needs. 

 There are actually several factors which affect your landscaping pattern. One of the most vital amongst them all is your home’s protection through correct grading. In addition to that, improper grading results to water drainage problems which can basically damage your house. 

In turn, repairs can only cost you more compared to hiring a professional landscaping service provider prior to starting the project. A well-planned landscape is very pleasing to all eyes and improves your property value. While incorporating your needs and ideas; however, planning to install a landscape isn’t merely arranging your plants on your yard. In fact, you must have a written plan that at the least entails a sketch or design of the plant placements in your property. Do not be afraid to experiment with fresh ideas. 

This landscaping design must include the following: 

  • Planting beds 
  • Shade and flowering trees 
  • Foundation shrubs and plants 
  • Structural elements such as pergolas, patios or walkways 
  • Other landscape elements like outdoor irrigation or lighting, foundation as well as ponds 

To know more about attractive and professionally-designed landscape, it’s best that you contact an expert landscape service provider right away such as Redding landscape service provider.