Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Ordinary Lawn with Landscaping

Replace your ordinary lawn with the one that is beautiful, easy to grow and most importantly, durable. A lot of lawn alternative plants are usually creeping perennial groundcovers which transform the lawn into a very attractive tapestry of texture and color. On the other hand, others are grass-like plants or native-grasses such as sedges which function as a lawn as well, while needing far lesser care and maintenance. Or maybe you are interested in clover as your lawn supplement, if not an alternative 

In our environmentally aware world today, lawns are not recognized as green-friendly guys. For example, the lawn boozes water at a rate which a lot of drought-stricken people simply can’t sustain. As a matter of fact, in some places, changing turf with the alternative plantings qualifies people for a waiver on storm water runoff fees which are tacked onto their monthly municipal bills. 

You may consider changing portions of your lawn like narrow strips, oddly-shaped areas or slopes, since they are a challenge to mow. In addition to that, replacing a lawn alternative for a turf in any of the mentioned circumstances instantly saves you money as well as time. Changing only 25% of lawn portion with groundcover plants garners an energy and time savings of 50% just in mowing. Planting your mowing-challenged portions with an alternative turf also gives a good method to experiment with the groundcovers in a little way prior to committing to the total makeover of your lawn. 

Choosing an Alternative in Your Lawn 

When choosing a lawn alternative, you should first consider your regional climate. Stick with plants which can survive in the usual weather conditions your place experiences. Also, you should take time to perform a soil test in order to make sure that you match the appropriate kind of plant with the soil which favor its growth and development. Furthermore, you should note the conditions your certain site offers: natural moisture levels and shade vs. Sun. For example, a slope basically tends to be much drier compared to the base of that slope, as well as the lawn area plumbed for auto-irrigation also has ready moisture supplies. 

Native plants offer benefits over non-natives. They are adapted to your place and they will actually be able to resist or withstand attacks by diseases and pests. Do your assignment if you choose the non-native alternative. Always make sure that it is not rated as intrusive in your area, you do not also want to add the plant to your Redding Landscaping which will only overrun the turf portions you want to have. 

Terms such as rapid, aggressive or vigorous rate of growth describe a benefit to your lawn alternative. It simply means that the plant will just fill in fast and limit the time as well which the surrounding soil is open to weeds and bare. Alternatives such as mat-forming lawn grow thick enough in order to keep the weeds from obtaining a foothold. Contact a professional today for more information about proper lawn care and maintenance. 

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