How to Protect Your Home from Termites

If there’s any pest that homeowners detest the most, it would be termites. Termites are worse than ants and roaches because they can compromise the integrity of your home. Termites feed on wooden structures and if they’re not eliminated soon enough, they can destroy all wooden pillars in your home, including the foundation.

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To effectively eliminate termites, it is important that you learn a little bit more about them first. Termites are social pests that live in a colony. They also follow the caste system. Knowing more how they live will make it easier for you to eliminate them.

A Closer Look at Termites

The four main caste systems followed by termites are the following: workers, soldiers, reproductive, and swarmers. The job of the worker termites is to look for food and feed all the members of the colony. The soldiers, on the other hand, are tasked to protect their colony against their common predators like ants and bigger insects.

The king and queen termites are also referred to as the reproductive. They are there to keep the colony growing. The most important member of the colony is the queen. All termites are expected to provide her ample protection. The swarmers don’t normally appear but they sometimes would at certain times or stages during the development of the colony. The swarmers are winged termites and their job is to start a new colony somewhere else.

What Termites Need to Survive

Termites are living species that need key elements in order to survive. These are food, moisture, and habitat. The food of termites is the cellulose that’s found in wood and any other products that are made with it. Termites also need water to live but they can do with minimal moisture although it has to be consistent for them to thrive.

When it comes to habitat, termites can only survive in a tropical environment. That’s the reason why they are present mostly in summer and other warmer months but not during the winter season. The most common termite species are the Eastern Subterranean Termites and they mostly live underground. But if they were able to detect a consistent source of moisture above the ground, then they can establish another colony. That’s why termites end up in the foundation of the house and its walls.

How Termites Affect Homes

A single colony of termites may have a few million members. That’s a lot of pests to handle indeed. At that number, they can consume as much as 15 lbs. of wood each week. That is the reason why ignoring these pests is not a good idea. If you do, your home will be destroyed.

To help you in eliminating termites, simply contact a Milwaukee pest control. They are the experts in handling termites and many other kinds of pests commonly found in homes. Ask about their pest control methods and how they can effectively eliminate termites in your home. Call them as soon as you notice any sign of these pests or it may be too late.

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