How to Keep Pests Out During the Warmer Months

The warmer months of spring and summer are the seasons where many pests thrive. That’s why you have to be always on guard whenever such time of the year comes around. But don’t worry. There are many ways to keep those pests away from your home.

West Allis Pest Control

Everybody loves spring and summer. These are the best times of the year to get outside and just enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, pests do the same. But with the help of a reputable West Allis pest control company, nothing should stop you from enjoying these seasons pest-free.

Spring Pest Control Tips

To make sure that pests aren’t finding their way inside your home while enjoying the fresh and green spring weather, below are some tips that can help. Of course, you can always turn to pest control professionals for help.

1. Seal all cracks and holes.

Pests tend to enter your home through those cracks that have been neglected for too long. Be sure that you block off all potential entry points for your pests and that includes all damaged window and door screens.

2. Get rid of standing water.

Standing water from the rain can be used as breeding grounds of mosquitoes and other pests. Keep in mind that most pests need water or moisture in order to thrive. If you eliminate all standing water, then you’re also eliminating their life source. Do not attract pests to your home with water.

3. Move brush and wood piles away.

If you have a yard then you must have several brushes accumulating from trees and shrubs. Dispose of them immediately or pests may nestle in them. The same goes for the wood piles that you store and use as firewood. Make sure that they’re stored away from your home as wood is where termites, beetles wasps, and bees hibernate.

4. Keep all food in airtight containers.

Buy several high-quality sealed containers where you can store your leftovers. You should also store bird seeds and dog food in them as these can attract pest as well. Like humans, pests need food and nourishment. If they didn’t find it in your home then they have no reason to stay.

Summer Pest Control Tips

Summer is also a great season to spend outdoors. But before you head to the beach, be sure that your home is absolutely pest-free. Many pests wait for summer to be full in bloom before they go out and breed. To ensure that your home is pest-free all summer long, you should:

1. Maintain your yard.

Trim the grass, bushes, and back foliage. Be sure that you mow your lawn regularly as there are many pests that love hiding in the tall grasses. While you’re at it, make sure that the roof, gutter, and eaves are free from leaves and other debris as well.

2. Seal all leaks.

Summer is also the best time to do some home improvement job. Be sure that there are no leaks in your home from pipes or faucets because water can attract pests in many ways than you could imagine.

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