Difference Between Disinfecting, Sanitizing, and Cleaning 

Nowadays, it is extremely crucial to know how to protect yourself properly from illnesses, diseases, and infections. Unluckily, when it comes to cleaning methods, there is a lot of confusion around which are and aren’t suitable.  


People have a tendency to utilize the terms sterilizing, disinfecting, sanitizing, and cleaning interchangeably. However, there are distinct differences between all methods.  

Before you hire a professional cleaning service company, it’s best to know the differences between all four. That’s why we are here to help you. 

What is Sterilizing? 

Sterilizing is a cleaning method that removes or destroys all types of microbial life. This includes both viruses and bacteria. Sterilizing is not something a regular homeowner will have to do in his/her house. Typically, it is more common in laboratories and surgical rooms. 

What is Disinfecting? 

Disinfecting can inactivate or kill both the viruses and bacteria on the surface. Typically, you can read them the label of the product. The only products approved by the EPA to get rid of viruses on surfaces are disinfectants.  

One of the most dependable methods to prevent the spread of germs and infection is disinfecting. However, not every disinfectant is made the same. As of today, we are fighting a virus that we have not faced before. This is also known as an emerging pathogen. If you want to disinfect against the Coronavirus, make sure you utilize disinfectants with emerging pathogen claims. You can find these disinfectants on the N-list of EPA. 

While sanitizers are used more often on surfaces that come into contact with food, you can use disinfectants as well. However, they should contain chemicals that are safe. For instance, the PUR-TABS of Earth Safe is safe to utilize on food contact surfaces, such as kitchens. Thus, a lot of cleaning companies use them. 

There is a range of circumstances to conduct disinfection. This is particularly true today as we fight Coronavirus. However, it’s extremely crucial in medical facilities and hospitals.  

What Is Sanitizing? 

Sanitizing lowers the number of bacteria found on any surfaces. However, it doesn’t destroy or kill bacteria. This cleaning method also doesn’t destroy or kill viruses from surfaces. Instead, it reduces the number of bacteria on a surface to a safe level. This depends on the health standards of the public. 

Oftentimes, sanitizers are utilized on food contact surfaces. The reason for this is that they do not contain harmful ingredients compared to disinfectants. Still, you’ve got to always inspect the label to confirm that the sanitizer you’re utilizing is safe to use on food surfaces. This is particularly true if you’re going to use it in a food prep area or kitchen. 

What is Cleaning 

The process of getting rid of noticeable dust, dirt, and other debris from surfaces is called cleaning. Usually, it’s done using a wipe or cloth together with a solvent, soap, or detergent.  

On its own, cleaning doesn’t get rid of viruses or bacteria. However, it’s still important. You need to conduct cleaning first before you can sterilize, disinfect, or sanitize a surface 


Christmas Lighting to Choose for the Holidays 

Christmas is just around the corner and I’m pretty sure you are browsing through the internet for the perfect lights to hang on your porch. I know you can already imagine how magnificent the tree on your yard will look with the perfect lights you’ll wrap it with. 


 The classic white bulbs is classic for a reason. It always looks good wherever you try to put it. However, since you haven’t really had any fun this year due to the pandemic, why not be adventurous with your lighting choice? 

 1. Classic 

 A classic is always a go to choice if you cannot think of anything else. It is safe and attractive at the same time. It may not look as lively as the lights of your the Ethereum Tumbler site neighbors but it simply does the job for you! 

2. Multi Color 

 If you are a fan of sparkly multi colored lights when you were still young, I’m pretty sure that hanging multi colored Christmas lights will bring you a glimpse of how you spent Christmas in your childhood. This kind of light is good for the inside of your home as well as the outside.  

 3. LED String Lights 

 Do you want a vintage vibe? The bulb string lights you envisioned to have this coming Christmas will be better if you use LED lights. This will not only let you save up on energy and high electricity bill but will also give you ample time to splurge looking at the beautiful view it brings.  

 4. Smart Control Multi LED Lights 

 If you want to easily access changing your lights for a much more creative lighting, this choice is your go to. This light brings you many colors including your classic white and warm white colors. Since it is known to be smart controlled, you can adjust the flashing pattern, how bright the lights come out and how long you want the lights turned on through an application. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of patterns when it comes to your flashing pattern of choice. 

 5. Twinkle String Lights 

 These lights are mostly alike to the classic ones however this has the ability to twinkle and flash and can be adjusted to 6 more modes when it comes to lighting.  

 6. Solar Garden Lights 

 If you are like me who constantly has no time to get rid of the lights I installed in the Christmas season, this may be just for you! Solar Garden Lights does not only help you save on energy but also provides you light flexible enough to use all throughout the year.  

 7. LED Projector Light(Snowflake) 

 If you like the snow, you might want to look into this choice of lighting. This gives you an illusion of falling snowflakes and is energy saving as well since it uses LED lights. Moreover, you have the liberty to change the color through a remote designed with it.  

 There are many lights to choose from so you can have a bright celebration this Christmas Season. If you already have lights with you but do not know what to do with it or you want to install some lighting in your home but are too overwhelmed with the available choices, leave your outdoor lighting dilemmas to the experts. Christmas Lights North Texas can help you with your lighting dilemma! Check on their website today and have yourself a bright Christmas this year!